Can Dogs Eat Carrot Cake: Everything You Need to Know

There are lots of wonderful, healthy treats you can give your favorite pooch that humans also eat. However, some of the things we love can also be horribly toxic, causing sickness, or even death for your doggy buddy. Which side of the list do you think carrot cake falls on? If you’re not a hundred percent sure, then put down the plate, preferably somewhere your dog can never reach it.  I know it’s hard to say no to those pleading puppy dog eyes, but there are times when you have to. Equally important, always clean your pet’s teeth. Bad dental health can impact their health and affect their whole life.

Can dogs eat carrot cake? You shouldn’t feed a dog cake. Make sure you take good care of your pup’s teeth and keep the sweets to a minimum. For a happy, healthy dog, read the rest of this article before you offer your dog a bite of this delightful human treat

Dogs & Carrots

Before we get into the topic of carrot cake, let’s look at whether your dog should even have carrots in their system. On this topic, I have good news. Carrots, in moderation, are fine for your dog. About one whole carrot, every day or two is fine. However, some dogs don’t chew so well. You may want to chop up the carrot, or even cook it.

As long as you make sure your dog isn’t choking on the pieces, carrot treats are a safe and tasty way for you to show your pup some love. If you see bits of raw vegetables in their poo, then it wasn’t chewed properly. When in doubt, cook to soften it up and avoid problems, especially if you have older dogs, or your pets have dental issues.

Pet owners who read labels will already have noticed that carrot is an ingredient in plenty of dog food brands. Some vegetables are very good for your pet pooch, though others can be a danger. The veggies on the following list are all excellent dog treats.

Four of the Best Dog Safe Veggies

I should mention that I’m not a vet or a doggy dietician. My advice should never be taken instead of seeing a specialist or listening to your vet.

Four Dog-safe Veggies For Sugar-Free Doggy Cakes and Treats

  1. Carrots
  2. Broccoli Stalks
  3. Pumpkin
  4. Zucchini

Each of these veggies has their own use. Rather than feeding your dog a slice of sugary human carrot cake, why not go to the source and feed them a carrot instead?

  • Carrots

These tasty orange treats help improve eyesight, provide fiber, and are suitable for reducing anxiety. As long as your dog is good at chewing, you can give them carrot pieces for stress and health. Puppies can benefit from teething on them, as well. That’s why carrots are top of the list for my best friend. However, you should always talk to your vet first.

  • Broccoli Stalks

The Stem, but not the ‘top of the tree’ part of fresh broccoli, are great for dogs. They can provide an outstanding source of fiber and help clean doggy teeth. Plus, broccoli-stalks may help ward off cancer. Keep the amount reasonably small, less than five percent of your pup’s diet, or you may cause them an upset tummy.

  • Pumpkin

A dog who has constipation or diarrhea then pumpkin is the best. Most pooches love the flavor, too, which is a bonus. You can replace up to a quarter of their meal with canned (no spices or added sugars, please) pumpkin puree until they feel better. Otherwise, stick to using it for an occasional treat.

  • Zucchini

If you want to help fill up your pup in a healthy way, zucchini is a fantastic option. Fiber, water, and vitamins won’t harm your pooch if you add a couple of ounces of shredded ‘zukes’ to spot’s meals every day or two.

All of these except the broccoli make lovely cakes. However, a cake is typically made with wheat flour, sugar, and other ingredients that aren’t so great for your dog. A piece once in a while, as long as you check the ingredient list for any dangers, isn’t a big deal. However, don’t make a habit out of feeding your dog any sugary desserts.

Can Dogs Have Cake

Technically your dog can have a piece of carrot cake or any other cake without chocolate or xylitol in it. However, the cake is not healthy for your dog. All cake contains is empty calories and sugar, so there’s nothing good about feeding a dog cake.

Like their humans, dogs can suffer from ill-health related to their diets. Sugar and carbs will make your dog gain weight. Moreover, your dog can get diabetes. Always use caution and good sense in what you feed your pup.

When in doubt, talk to your vet about a special treat like carrot cake. Vitally, if your pet already has diabetes, then you should never give them sugary sweets. Doing so could harm your dog.

I suggest going with a dog-safe cake kit. My favorite comes with a dogbone shaped silicone baking dish and wheat-free dog-safe cake mix, plus a few candles for good measure. You can grab a great Puppy Cake Dog Birthday Cake Kit like mine from Amazon if you click here

Doggy Dental Health Can Suffer From Carrot Cake

Regardless of other health risks, carrot cake can hurt your dog’s teeth. Sugar is terrible for dental health. Since dog teeth are made of calcium the same as humans teeth. Your best friend needs their teeth to eat healthy food.

As bad as all of that sounds, it’s okay to have an occasional treat, but you should follow it up with a proper toothbrushing. Taking care of your favorite pup’s mouth will help them have a long and happy life.

Whatever you feed your dog, make sure you take care of their goofy doggy smiles too. I suggest picking up Sonnyridge Dog Dental Spray. You can check prices and availability by clicking here.

Also, check out the tartar remover for dogs by Mothermed by clicking here.

Can Your Dog Have Frosted Carrot Cake

Most icing, whether it’s on carrot cake or something else, is all sugar. That’s bad for your dog. A small amount now and then is fine, but icing can hold hidden dangers like xylitol, which is doggy deadly.

Whenever the frosting wasn’t made at home, with ingredients you know and trust, say no. Don’t just scrape that icing off either. When in doubt, don’t risk your best friend’s health and life.

If you insist on throwing a doggy birthday party with a sweet cake, and you shouldn’t, a small piece is alright for a dog. Additionally, small amounts of creme cheese are okay for dogs, so you might want to go with a very light coating of creme cheese frosting.

What To Do If Your Dog Overeats Carrot Cake

Take a deep breath and calm down. If your favorite pup ate a whole carrot cake, they would probably be alright… eventually. So long as the cake didn’t have chocolate or xylitol inside, it’s probably not poisonous. There aren’t a whole lot of cake ingredients that will sicken or kill a dog, even though it’s not very good for them.

Unfortunately, your pooch is very likely going to be sick all over the place. Too much sugar or too much of anything can cause your pup to have an upset stomach. There may be barfing, and there will almost certainly be diarrhea.

If you have a fenced, dog-safe yard, and the weather is warm, it might be a great time to send Fido out to enjoy some sunshine or a night under the stars. This isn’t a punishment. It’s just a whole lot easier to hose down the yard than it is to spot scrub the house after your buddy finishes getting rid of all that cake.

Give Your Dogs’ Stomach a Break

When your favorite furry friend overeats that sweet carrot cake and gets sick, you need to take some extra precautions. Dehydration is common for people and animals who are throwing up or having diarrhea. Make sure there’s plenty of water for him or her. However, don’t put out a bowl of kibble just yet.

They may be hungry after clearing some of the bad news out of their bodies, but it’s better to wait until tomorrow before reintroducing the regular food. You’re not ‘being mean’ by doing this, it’s sensible.

You don’t want to cause any more doggy digestive upset. Hence, letting your pooch make sure all the cake is out of their system first is better than adding good kibble to a sour tummy full of human desserts. Rover may not understand it, but their body will be better off if you wait until the next morning.

Final Thoughts

Always be careful if you plan to feed your dog carrot cake. Store-bought cakes and icings can contain dangerous ingredients that aren’t good for your dog. Bake at home so you’ll have control over what goes inside the cake.

While carrots are healthy for your pup, remember not to go overboard. Also, be careful not to overserve your dog where treats are concerned. Keep cakes and human foods away from doggy reach, even if your favorite canine is very well behaved.

A little bit goes a long way where carrot cake is concerned. Take good care of your pup and stick to small and infrequent portions, or choose a more dog-healthy treat.

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