Can You Put Lotion On A Dog For Dry Skin

Petting your dog is one of the best ways to establish a bond with them. It’s a sign of affection from both parties. Dogs only allow people they trust to pet them. They’re vulnerable at that moment and they feel loved by you. Now, when you pet your dog, you like to feel their soft furry and smooth skin. It’s a weird sensation when you notice that your dog’s skin is a bit dry. It’s also not a good sign. It means something is up with his natural oils.

The best way to fix this is to do something about the moisture that his skin is lacking. So, can you put lotion on a dog for dry skin? You can only put 100% dog sage lotion on your dog’s dry skin. Anything made for humans is potentially harmful to their skin. Only a lotion made for dogs will solve the problem without putting their health at risk. Also, they might like the lotion, which can be poisonous for them.

The same way that you shouldn’t take a shower with your dog’s shampoo, it’s usually better to not risk giving them something that it’s made for humans. Now, it’s not everything that it’s made for humans that it’s bad for dogs. Still, you should consult a vet before giving them anything that wasn’t specifically made for dogs.

Now, if your dog is facing dry skin problems, this article will help you. As much as it’s not advised to put human lotion on them, there are other safe solutions that you can use. This is exactly what you’re going to find out below. It’s all about knowing the dos and don’ts to make sure that your furry friend is safe and with silky skin.

So, remember to not give in to temptation and apply lotion to them. It is unsafe to do so. Instead, make sure to read everything below to know how to handle this. Also, remember that it could be early signs of a more serious skin disease, which needs the opinion of a vet.

It Has To Be 100% Dog Safe

The reason you’re better off by only using dog lotion and never human lotion is that the one made for dogs is made of 100% dog-safe ingredients. These ingredients are not going to cause rashes or any sort of skin irritation that might make things worse. Not only that, but certain chemicals are harmful to dogs and do nothing against humans.

The best that you can do is look for a lotion that was made for dogs. Nowadays you can find great moisturizers that help you turn your dog skin in a smoother version of what it currently is. Just be careful to use something safe for your pet. Maybe even ask your vet before applying whatever product you come across. The best that you can do is to go for the premium quality ones since they’re a safer bet.

So, make sure to use lotions that are 100% dog safe. The only way to be certain is to use the ones that are made for dogs. For instance, lotions with zinc oxide, which a lot of the lotions for humans have, is toxic for a dog. If you want a safe bet to go with the one made to use on a dog like the Kibble Pet Salon. It’s a premium quality dog lotion that it’ll solve your dog dry skin condition. Check it out here.

Dogs Will Lick It

Sometimes the problem is not with the dog’s skin absorbing the substance. The problem is that dogs will lick whatever cream you apply to them. This means that they’re going to ingest the chemicals and substances that were used in the making of that particular cream.

Now, there are a lot of chemicals that aren’t necessarily poisonous when applied to the skin. The problem is when they’re digested by your dog. That’s when it becomes a problem since they’re harmful to them. That’s why it’s never a good idea to use. Unless you’re a vet and read the flask to make sure that the chemicals present in the composition of the lotion are safe. Since that’s unlikely, do not risk it.

Another reason that dogs will lick the lotion is that most lotions that are made for human usage have perfume in it. The smell can irritate dogs or just make them more curious and willing to lick it. Their noses are way more sensitive than ours, as you already know, so it’s only recommended to use something that won’t stress them or irritate their skins and nostrils.

So, make sure to avoid human lotion no matter how safe it may seem. Dogs will lick it, which will make even the most harmless of lotions unsafe when digested. The best option that you have for dry skin is to use lotions made for dogs. If your dog has sensitive skin, consider the Dog Fashion Spa Dog Lotion. It’s one of the highest-rated dog lotion for sensitive skin. Take a look here.

Human Lotion Has Harmful Chemicals

You want specific information. By now it’s more than clear that you should not use human lotion on a dog for various reasons. It can cause more skin irritation and the ingredients may be harmful when ingested. So, let’s go deeper into the specific ingredients that most human lotion have that are toxic for dogs.

The list below is of ingredients that should be never applied to a dog. The reason is that they’re harmful even if your dog doesn’t lick it. The contact with their skin is enough to cause a problem.

Diclofenac is used to treat muscular pain is toxic for dogs and cats.

Zinc oxide


The three ingredients above should not be used under any circumstance. They’re highly toxic for dogs. You should always read the label and look for those ingredients. If they’re present, avoid them at all costs.

Two other ingredients are better avoided because they’re dangerous if your dog licks them. Unless you can monitor your dog every second of the day to make sure they won’t lick, never use them. It’s better to be safe than sorry.



So, make sure that you always use something safe for dogs. Since dry skin is not an emergency, the best that you can do is stick to the lotion made for dogs. There are great ones for every kind of possible skin condition. Just make sure to know if your dog has sensitive skin or not.

Read The Label

As you can see, some ingredients are harmful to dogs. This means that you should be extra careful about what you give to your four-pawed friend. That’s why it’s so important for you to always read the label. This way you always make sure that you know what you’re applying on your pet.

Now that you know these substances, always check for them. Even in dog lotion labels. If you opt for premium quality dog lotion, you won’t have this problem since these products are tested before going to the market. Still, get in the habit of reading everything.

So, always read the label and you’re good to go. The problem is that many of the chemicals have their name written in Latin or are ingredients that we don’t know. This is why it’s a great idea to research it and ask a vet about them.

When In Doubt Ask The Vet

What many dog owners fail to realize is that dogs can be more sensitive than us. The reason is simple. The world that we live in was designed for use by us. This means that many of the things that we consume are made for humans, but it doesn’t mean that they’re good for dogs. That’s why when in doubt, ask the vet. They know what dogs can and cannot use.

Even though the best option is to give your god something made for him, it doesn’t mean that everything made for humans is bad for dogs. For instance, there are some medications that you can give them. The problem is that since you’re not a vet, you’re unlikely to know which ones are okay to give to your dog.

Remember that you’re putting your dog’s life at risk by guessing what it’s okay and what it’s not. So, do the responsible thing and ask a vet when you’re not sure. Now, if you do opt to use dog products, you don’t need to be in doubt since they’re made for dogs.

You Need Specific Treatment For Dry Skin On Dogs

To effectively treat dry skin on dogs is tricky. The reason is that there is a multitude of reasons why your dog has dry skin. Usually, they’re caused by allergies. The best that you can do is take your dog to the vet to do some tests. Still, what every vet will recommend you is to give them a balanced diet.

This means that you’ll have to change what they eat. It also means some healthier dog food. Two things help dog allergies more than anything. Food and a clean environment. When it comes to food, you should look for organic and hypoallergenic options. They’re the best way to make sure that your dog has a balanced diet.

Since most allergies are determined by elimination, you’ll have to test the elimination of chicken, wheat, rice, beef, corn, and many other ingredients. The important thing is to find what it’s causing the allergy. Once you remove it, the allergies and its symptoms should fade.

So, make sure that you’re proving a balanced diet. This includes premium quality food and a clean, comfy place for your best friend. The Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food is great hypoallergenic food with selected ingredients that are going to give your dog’s health an upgrade. Grab a pack here.

Nothing Will Beat Lotion Made For Dogs

A lot can be said about what you shouldn’t use on a dog’s skin, but not much will be said when it comes to what you should apply to it. It’s quite obvious that the best choice is to use lotion made for dogs. We’re talking about products that were designed and tested to be used on a dog’s skin unlike the ones made for humans.

As much as you must be in a hurry or wanting purely to help your friend fix his skin problem, it’s important to do this the right way. Make sure that you provide them with the right product with the best quality. Nothing can beat lotion made for dogs to treat their dry skin problems.

Make sure that you look for a lotion that solves the kind of problem that your dog currently has. There are a few different types of lotions and there are different skin problems. The only thing that they should have in common before you get one is quality.

So, make sure that you always use dog lotion and not human lotion. It’s also a good idea to use after you’ve given your dog a bath. Always apply lotion on their noses, paws, and skin. The BlueCare Labs Balm Wax is a great lotion designed for noses, paws, and dry skin. Click to view pricing on Amazon here.

Final Thoughts

So, you can put lotion on a dog dry skin as long as the lotion is made for dogs. If you’re talking about a lotion for human skin – which it’s more likely that you are – then it’s a terrible idea. There’s a big chance that the lotion in question has chemicals that are toxic or harmful to your dog.

The best that you can do is to stick to the high-quality dog lotion that you can find on the market. Just make sure that you identify if they cause is an allergy, rash, lack of moisture, or even a parasite. Use the best quality lotions to make sure that your dog’s skin goes back being silky, smooth, and soft.



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