How Much Does it Cost to Groom a Standard Poodle: Everything You Need to Know

You adore poodles, and who could blame you? They make outstanding companions. As a new poodle-owner, you’ll have to decide whether to handle all your own grooming needs at home or visit a pro. Unfortunately, there’s a little more to poodle grooming, and groomers than meets the eye. Pro-services and their quality differ vastly. I’ll help you find the right groomer at a fair price. Plus, I’ll walk you through everything you need to do the job at home instead so you can make the right choice for your pet and budget.

How much does it cost to groom a standard poodle? On average, it costs thirty to ninety dollars to have your standard poodle groomed. The size of your pup and how much hair they have will affect the cost. You can also opt-in for additional services.

Hiring a Professional Groomer

Although it’s incredibly rare, you won’t always find a great groomer. It’s vital to take some necessary steps to ensure that your pet’s groomer is doing a good job. Fortunately, you can do so without being an expert on dog bathing.

First, you need to understand that taking your pet to a new groomer should never be a drop-off and then leave situation. You need to remain with your dog throughout a new grooming experience. The first two to five times you see a groomer, it should be together.

This is especially true if you have a nervous or inexperienced dog. A groomer who won’t let you stay is a red flag. Keeping your poodle company when they’re learning to interact with a new groomer reduces doggy anxiety.

Instead of handing them over to a perfect stranger, you’re vouching for this person. Speak calmly to your dog. Offer them treats when they do well, but stay out of the groomers’ way while they work.

An outstanding choice for a potentially nervous dog is AroPaw Calming Treats from Amazon. These healthy doggy snacks include hemp oil, passionflower, and other ingredients that can aid your pet in remaining calm for a groomer. Your pet and your professional will both thank you for choosing such a sensible reward. Pick up a pack for your pup by clicking here

Pick a True Professional

Always ask your groomer about their experience level. You should know upfront what services they offer, whether they have specialties and other vital details.

A proper poodle groomer should have their professional certification. There are several places these can come from. The NDGAA or National Dog Groomers Association of America is one such organization. They offer a current registry of all members so you can verify your new groomer when they have this certification.

Other organizations that certify dog groomers include the ISCC and the IPG (International Professional Groomers). Whatever certification your groomer has, make sure to double-check its validity. Additionally, you may want to ask about facility inspections.

Find out if your groomer has any experience with poodles. Look into whether the animals are k in plain sight, and make sure the groomer will allow you to see the process. Finally, find out where the pets are kept after they’ve finished if the owners aren’t on-site to take them home.

Communicating With Your Groomer

Although groomers don’t have classic-diner level patois, there may be some terms you need to learn. A good groomer will explain what you need to know so you’ll be an educated client. Moreover, there are other things to understand about your groomer.

For example, they cannot always give your dog the exact haircut you want. It should never be a lack of skill on their part, but rather the condition of the fur. When your dog has hidden tangles, which standard poodles are prone to get, they may have to cut out hair they wouldn’t otherwise. That means a shorter or differently shaped cut. It is not the groomer’s fault if your dog has tangles, nor does it make them a lousy groomer. On the contrary, they’re doing the job correctly.

Too many people show up for their first grooming appointment with a picture of a show dog and expect the groomer to work a miracle. While it’s possible for you to groom show dogs with time and practice, a session of bathing and grooming is nowhere near enough to get those highly polished, spoiled show dog looks.

Make sure you book in advance. Then show up promptly. Have a clear and sensible idea of what you want for your dog, and take the time to discuss the details of your request with the groomer. Remember to tell them about any health conditions or damages your dog may have before they begin.

Prepare for Grooming

When grooming a standard poodle, whether you hire a professional or DIY, there are some basic things to keep in mind. For example, a good groomer will remind you to take your dog for a walk and not to feed them before grooming. This prevents messes. The same is true at home.

Make sure you brush your poodle out thoroughly. Not only before grooming but regularly. Poodles need their hair brushed a minimum of two or more times a week. Daily is best. I suggest the Friends Forever 6 in 1 Professional Pet Grooming Kit from Amazon for daily maintenance. It contains everything you need to trim nails and comb out your poodles’ fur. Find out more details about this outstanding kit when you click here

Grooming Problems to Watch For

Any pet care specialist who doesn’t communicate with the owner is terrible news. Whether it’s crummy ‘bedside manner,’ or worse issues, ditch a groomer who won’t talk to you. Furthermore, you should always be allowed to stay and observe, at least most of the process. A groomer with nothing to hide should be used to nervous pet parents.

Other warning signs can include traumatized dogs. While most dogs who react badly to grooming were not harmed by the groomer, you should always be alert to their responses. Some dogs don’t like being left alone with strangers, or they have past trauma. Be alert to how your poodle responds to the groomer. A good groomer can calm most dogs.

When your groomer powers through tough knots too quickly, it will pull and may hurt a little. Although there are times, this is unavoidable. Mostly a steady, experienced hand can help minimize any painful fur-snarl pulling while shaving. Also, they can use scissors instead, in many cases.

Bad Groomer Warning Signs

If your dog ever comes back with cuts, bruises, or extreme behavior, you may have a lousy groomer. Make sure you check them over thoroughly before you go in to see a pro. Then check them over again afterward. This ensures that you know of any preexisting problems. Blaming an excellent groomer for things they didn’t do will only lose your pet the chance to enjoy top tier grooming services.

The occasional accident happens when handling scissors or other sharp instruments. Especially if your dog is combative when bathing or getting their hair done, it’s bound to occur. However, a good groomer will tell you and discuss what happened rather than hiding a problem.

If the groomer is exceptionally defensive when questioned, it’s a bad sign. Go to a different groomer in the future. Also, watch how your dog responds to them before and after grooming. A dog who has a good relationship with their groomer is being well treated.

Unfortunately, dogs who are prone to anxiety and stress may react badly anyhow. You have to know both your pet and your groomer to make sure you have the right person for the job. When in doubt, stay with your dog, or go elsewhere for your services.

Finally, should your dog ever come home from the groomer acting woozy or groggy, be concerned. Although it’s very rare, a truly bad groomer may sedate dogs. This is both illegal and dangerous.

DIY Grooming

Choosing to groom your standard poodle at home can be an outstanding option for both you and your dog. It affords you extra bonding time. Plus, if you have a nervous or temperamental dog, then it could be the best option for you both.

When you choose to DIY, there’s no risk of your dog being exposed to other pets who might injure or distract them. Likewise, you don’t need to concern yourself with the groomer’s rapport with your dog.

However, to do a thoroughly professional job, you need the right equipment and lots of practice. The good news is that you can practice all you want at home, and the proper equipment is easy to find. Regardless, I still suggest finding a professional in the interim to help you do poodle upkeep.

I recommend starting with a Wondurdog Home Wash Kit from Amazon. You’ll be able to easily direct the spray so you can avoid wetting yourself or your precious poodle’s ears and eyes while you bathe them. The corrosion-resistant sprayer hose and convertible head that offers variable control are outstanding. See for yourself when you click here

Final Thoughts

Keeping your standard poodle well-groomed can be a chore. Naturally, they’re well worth the effort. You can save yourself some money with DIY maintenance at home. However, your pet should probably see a professional groomer at least once or twice per year.

Not only can a visit to your groomer be a nice treat for your canine companion, but groomers are a wealth of information. Develop a friendly relationship with yours and talk to them about your poodle. When new information comes out that benefits your pet, you’ll find you’re more likely to stay in the know.

Regardless of how you choose to groom your standard poodle, keep in mind that their curly hair needs special attention. To avoid poodle hair woes, you’ll need to brush them every day or two between groomings and use the right face cleanser for tear stains.

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