Why Are Cats Afraid Of Bananas

In the age of the internet, everyone has seen cat videos. They’re usually cute or funny when they aren’t both. In the early days of YouTube, all you could see was a cat video that was about to go viral. For all of those reasons, you might have seen videos in which the cat is afraid of water, cucumbers, or even bananas.

In those videos, the cat tries to either run from it or suspiciously tries to examine the given object. Now, if you test right now, there’s a good chance that your cat will not be afraid of a banana toy. Unless it’s the real one, there’s a good chance that they’ll be only curious but not scared. After all, cats are one of the most curious animals on the face of the Earth.

So, why are cats afraid of bananas? Cats are afraid of bananas because the banana’s outer skin has chemicals that are toxic to cats. Your smart furry friend can smell those chemicals in the banana’s outer skin and know that it’s no good for them. This is why you should be careful with bananas near cats even though they’re aware that it’s bad for them.

Now, when it comes to other things such as water and cucumber, the reasons are different and they vary. If you want to find out not only why your cat is afraid of certain things but also what to do to improve their lives in that regard, keep reading this article.

The Chemical In The Banana’s Outer Skin Is Toxic For Cats

The main reason your cat is afraid of bananas is that they know that it’s no good for them. The outer skin of the banana has a chemical compound that it’s toxic for cats. We’re talking about a real danger and not just something that would cause an upset stomach.

Cats can smell that toxic chemical and instinctively know that it’s bad for them. That’s why they seem so afraid of bananas, although it isn’t the only explanation for all that distrust.

When you think about it, the truth is that cats are curious but they’re also quite suspicious of things. The reason that they’re afraid of bananas is not just due to the toxic outer skin. It’s also because cats don’t trust objects that they don’t know. This makes them suspicious and a little afraid of bananas as well.

So, the best that you can do about this is nothing. In this case, your cat being afraid might be a good thing. It’s a great idea to not have them messing with a banana. You can try to make them comfortable with unknown objects by familiarizing them with it. Just make sure that they don’t eat the banana under no circumstance.

Look Out For Cucumbers, It’s Not Just Bananas!

One thing that you’ll notice, if this is your first time as a cat owner, it’s that cats are afraid of a lot of things. Again, this goes back to their curiosity and suspiciousness. They’re all linked. They’re what makes cats so unique and special.

So, you may have seen this viral video of a cat afraid of a cucumber. If you try it at home, chances are that your cat will be afraid of the cucumber as well. The reason is not that the cucumber is toxic. It presents no real danger for your cat. What’s happening there is just that cats are suspicious of unknown objects. In this case, the cucumber.

The best that you can do in this situation is to get your cat comfortable with the cucumber. Make him/her see that it doesn’t present any real danger to them. A great method is to get a plush toy that resembles the object in shape or even that it’s an imitation of the object to make them see it as a safe thing.

If you don’t know what kind of toys to give to your cat, the WERTYCITY 31pcs Cat Toys Kitten is a great pack. You’ll find your cat entertained for a lifetime with those. It checks all the boxes of premium quality, durability, and safety for your friend. Take a look here.

Citrusy Smell Have The Same Banana Effect

Another moment that you may find your cat quite surprised is when you use anything that has a citrusy smell. For the same reason that applies to the banana, you’ll quickly see that your cat is not enjoying the experience. This is another smell that is somewhat toxic to cats.

The problem that you may find here is that citrusy is present is a variety of products that you use in everyday life. We’re talking about cleaning products, perfumes, and food. These are just a few examples of things that have a citrusy smell that your cat will likely hate.

Now, there’s not much that you can do about food. Still, when it comes to cleaning products, the best that you can do is to change those. After all, you don’t want your furry little friend to be uncomfortable. Using the right products to clean your home is important to the quality of life of your cat.

So, make sure that you use great products that are pet-friendly and free of citrusy characteristics. The JAWS Home Cleaning Kit is the perfect solution for cat owners. It’ll leave you a clean environment without stressing your cat. Check it out here.

To Avoid Scaring Your Cat To Death, Keep A Clean Environment

Cats are strong creatures, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have their fragilities. They’re vulnerable to certain things, and it’s your responsibility to keep them away from danger and in a safe home. This means keeping their environment as stress-free as you can since this is important for their health.

Now, keeping a clean environment goes beyond cleaning the room with the right product or not having objects that’ll scare your cat. This also means making sure that they have a place to take care of their physiological needs. To keep a stress-free zone, you’ll need to go beyond the cat litter box.

The best that you can do is to make sure to always change your cat’s litter to a new one. This is not important just for you and your comfort but for your cat’s as well. Living a stress-free life will make your cat live longer and better.

So, make sure to change your cat’s litter regularly and to use a high-quality one. The ARM & HAMMER Platinum Cat Litter is the best cat’s litter that you can find. It keeps the environment clean and odor-free. Grab yours here.

Keep Your Cat Entertained And Away From Danger

One of the main reasons pet behavior experts recommend toys so much, it’s not just to keep them entertained. Toys teach them how to socialize and play, but it also keeps them entertained to not go out and do something dangerous. Cats more than dogs are inclined to go out exploring and get themselves into trouble. Even around the house.

This means that having lots of toys and options to play in not only good but necessary. Your cat is way more likely to eat something that it shouldn’t or break something around the house when they’re bored or looking for something to have fun with.

That’s why you should get them lots of toys. It’ll keep your cat entertained and away from danger. Get them multiple toys of different colors and different shapes. This will stimulate them for an entire day and make sure they don’t go on looking for something they shouldn’t.

So, get them a pack of toys. As much as you can, and you’ll be able to relax knowing they’re just playing with something that they should. This is a great idea for people to go out every day to work. The Chiwava 4.1” Furry Cat Toy is a great pack of cat toys. It has an interesting variety to keep any cat entertained for hours. Take a peek here.

Change In Appetite May Be Stress In Disguise

If your cat is afraid of bananas is one thing. Now, if they’re afraid, or showing disinterest in any kind of food, then you might have a problem. Change in appetite may be stress in disguise, which means that your cat may be too stressed to bother eating.

If your cat is stressed, the best way to solve this is to change the environment. Pets are usually bothered by smells and flavors. If the food is good and the environment is clean, the best thing that you can do is to get something to control the environment smell.

A diffuser is the best tool to calm animals in general. The Relaxivet Dogs & Cats Calming Diffuser is the best one that you’ll find. It relaxing and healthy for your cat. You’ll notice quickly how much this simple device improves your cat’s life. Get one here.

Final Thoughts

So, cats are usually afraid of bananas because they know that the outer skin is toxic for them. Now, they may also be afraid of the unknown form of the object. The best that you can do is do your best to keep a stress-free environment. Do this, and your cat will have a long and healthy life.


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