Why Are Cats So Quiet

If you spend too much time around cats, you’re going to start noticing how quiet they are. This isn’t just when they don’t meow as much. We’re talking about walking, jumping and even playing. When cats want, they’re capable of not making a sound. Be it when they’re entering a room or when they’re after something.

So, why are cats so quiet? Cats are quiet to make them efficient hunters. Their paws are padded, their claws retract not to touch the ground, and they’re light with their weight evenly distributed. Like other felines, cats can get close to the prey without being noticed, since they can walk without making a sound.

Unlike dogs, cats hunt alone, and they need to be careful and precise. The only way for them to successfully hunt is to get close enough to the prey without it noticing. When you throw evolution into the mix, it’s easy to understand why they can be so quiet.

Now, if you’re interested to know more, below you can see a more detailed explanation of all the reasons that cats are so quiet. It’s not just to hunt efficiently, with time being quiet became something useful for them and the humans that lived with them.

So, you’ll see that cats are always even more interesting than you thought. They’re not only smart creatures, but they’re mysterious as well. All you have to do is to look closer, and you’ll realize that there’s way more than it meets the eye.

Their Claws Go Back Into Their Paws To Not Click On The Floor

One of the most fascinating things about cats is that their claws retract into their paws to the point that they do not touch the floor. This means that you don’t hear that clicking sound that dogs make when they’re walking over floor tiles.

This is not the only secret, but it’s the main one that explains why cats are so effective in walking around the house without making a sound. Those are the moments that they show up by your side without you even noticing they were close.

Now, from an evolutionary standpoint, this anatomical peculiarity is what made them such great hunters. Most of the cat’s preys are small, fast animals. As fast as a cat is, the only way to catch the prey is to get close enough without making a sound. That’s why they need to be so quiet or they’d starve. Without the claws, their paws are padded, furry limbs.

They Have Incredible Coordination

Cats are so quiet due to their incredible coordination as well. Many people know, and you don’t need to spend more than five minutes around cats to notice for yourself, cats are very agile and coordinated when it comes to their movements.

Their sense of balance and control of their musculature is very accurate, especially if you compare to humans. They rarely fall out of an accident and they don’t usually miss the mark when they jump. This helps them not make sounds since every movement is precise and supposed to be silent since they don’t want to alert the prey or predators.

A fun fact is that even though tigers are much bigger felines, they present the same qualities that make house cats so quiet. So, as much as size does play a role here, it’s not the whole story.

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Cats Are Light Animals

Now, even though their weight is not the whole story, the fact that cats are light animals plays a role. They usually weight no more than 8 pounds. This makes it easy for them to not make a lot of sounds, especially for the human ear.

Not only that, but their weight is evenly distributed around their bodies. They have four almost identic limbs, which makes their body weight, musculature, ad density evenly distributed. As you can imagine, it makes them more in control of their bodies.

Still, it’s important to make sure that your cat is not the exception. For instance, you should make sure that your cat does not become overweight or obese. It’s becoming more common for cats and dogs to become obese. With cats, you make sure by feeding them right and making sure they get some exercise.

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Evolution Made Them Great Hunters

We’ve talked about how every aspect that makes cats so quiet is about hunting, but there’s more to talk into it. Cats are not like dogs when it comes to domestication. They’re wilder and that makes them keep behaviors that they would still have if they lived in the wild and not in the big cities.

This is important to understand because it goes beyond being quiet. If you’re a new cat owner, you might get surprised when your kitten brings you dead animals. That’s because they still hunt for food, if when you supply them with it.

So, understand that some behaviors you can get rid of and some you can’t. Your cat will naturally have a few things that their more distant relatives have as well like lions and tigers.

Their Paws Are Padded

Now, the reason a cat can quietly walk in and out of a room is not just because of their claws retracting. It’s also because their paws are padded. They’re soft and also the exit of some of their sweat. This makes their paws extra stick to the floor. This means that it adheres better, which helps not make a sound.

One great example, that ends up being real even though is from a movie, it’s the Puss In Boots. His able to pickpocket with his soft paws by retracting his claws. This makes them soft and smooth. It’s the perfect tool to make cats silent and fast.

As a cat owner, the most important thing you should know about this is that you must make sure that your cat’s claws are always being well-groomed. This is important to make sure they don’t ruin your furniture and don’t get hurt as well. So, use a cat nail clipper to make sure that their claws don’t get too big. The INVENHO Pet Nail Grinder is a great electronic clipper. Get yours here.

Sometimes It’s Just Curiosity

A lot is theorized about how cats do what they do due to their need to hunt. Although there’s a lot of truth to that, it isn’t always the case. Cats are curious animals, which makes them quite smart. This means that sometimes they’re being quiet because they’re curious.

They want to get close to whatever it is getting their curiosity without risking their well-being. Since they don’t know if the thing is dangerous, they make sure to get close to it quietly to examine better. That’s why it’s important to keep them exploring around the house. It’s great for their mental health.

If you don’t want your cat to go out, make sure that there’s plenty of entertainment and curiosity around the house. A cat tree is a perfect thing to have in different rooms of the house. The FEANDREA Multi-Level Cat Tree is the best to keep your cat entertained and curious for long periods. Take a look here.

Cats Only Meow At Humans

If you’ve come to this article wanting to know why your cat rarely meows, there’s a fun fact about that as well. Cats only meow at humans. The reason is that this is how they learned to communicate with us. With other cats, they communicate through scent, facial expressions, and body language.

Since they noticed early on that we weren’t able to comprehend them based on that, they learned to meow. What you can also notice, if you pay attention, is that cats have different tones of meows when they want different things. You can figure out if they’re hungry or angry for instance.

So, if your cat doesn’t meow too often, it’ normal. Take into consideration their breed and age. Older cats don’t meow as much as kittens. Those are constantly wanting something and in need of your attention.

Final Thoughts

So, cats are quiet for various reasons. The main ones are related to evolutionary changes that made them better hunters. As you’ve learned, your cat may gladly eat the food you feed them, but they can take care of things on their own. So, next time that your cat shows up out of the blue, remember that they’re just being curious and using their anatomical advantages to move quietly.


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