Why Are Poodles Groomed The Way They Are

I was watching this documentary in the history of certain dog breeds, and it jumped to my eyes the way that poodles have always been groomed. Even when you look at the early century poodles in Europe, you see that poodles are groomed in a certain way for a long time. That funny look that makes them look feminine even when it’s a male poodle.

That got me wondering, why are poodles groomed the way they are? Poodles are groomed the way they are for hunting and aesthetical reasons. The hunting part is that this type of grooming makes it easier for them to hunt and swim. The aesthetical part is that the grooming became traditional in dog competitions, giving the poodles a posh look. So, even though poodles are not used for hunting as much anymore, they still need to look classy.

Now, when we explore those reasons, you’ll realize that most poodle owners are not hunters or dog competition attendees. Still, these are the reasons the style in which people groom their poodles got so popular in the last few decades. It became so traditional that some of the original meaning got lost.

So, if you want to learn the specific reasons that make this grooming style effective, and find out about other styles as well, just read the article ‘til the very end. For instance, the style used to groom their paws has way more than just aesthetical reasons to be the way it is.

It’s Designed To Make Hunting Easier

The main explanation, backed by historians and dog food brands, it’s that this way that poodles are groomed made hunting easier for them. Poodles were hunting dogs and expert swimmers. This design made hunting easier and swimming as well. Poodles were widely used to retrieve the duck in the lake after the hunter shot them.

Now, this design not only makes swimming easier but it also makes running as well. It makes the poodle faster, which again is perfect for hunting. This explanation is widely accepted. The main point is that poodles are groomed the way they are to make them more efficient and effective dogs in their old purpose.

Still, they continued to be groomed this way, so hunting isn’t the only reason that there is to this mystery. You can see more on that below. For now, remember that this is the main reason poodles started being groomed this way, but it’s not the one that made them continue to be groomed like that.

The Coat Is Good Addon During The Winter

This another reason why poodles are groomed the way they are is directly linked with the one above. Poodles went into the water a lot during the winter for hunting purposes. This made necessary that they had extra protection to avoid getting sick. The coat became a good addon to have during the winter.

What this means is that the fur protected the dogs against the cold and the cold temperatures after they got out of the freezing water. Especially in Europe, where poodles are from, it was really cold during the winter. Since dogs are not immediately dried after they get out of the water, especially during those times, it was important to have that protection.

So, the hair around their trunks and their paws was what made them resist the water and the winter in itself during that season. This is another reason that helped popularize this style of grooming for poodles. As much as the original meaning disappeared, it was a major factor for it to stay this way ‘til this day.

Competition Plays A Major Role

Now, things get even more interesting. This design for the way that people groom their poodles may have originated due to hunting, but it wasn’t hunting that made it last this far. This look also makes poodle look posh and feminine. The reason behind it is the dog shows. Those competitions to see the best trained, and most beautiful dog.

They have a large responsibility as to why poodles are groomed the way they are. For instance, this design made poodle not only one of the most sought-after dogs in these competitions but also made them winners. Poodles became a symbol of elegance and beauty.

This is achieved by a nice haircut but also training and the right nutrition. A dog’s appearance is even more affected by the food they eat than humans. If you want your poodle to be healthy and pretty, you should give them the best dog food you can find. The Taste of the Wild is premium-quality dog food. It has the necessary ingredient for your poodle to get beautiful and strong. Grab yours here.

You Can Groom Your Poodle The Natural Way

Another option that you have is to groom your poodle the natural way. This means that you can let their hair grow more naturally. Still, this does not mean that you’re supposed to let it grow and never cut it or groom it.

You should let it grow more naturally while still grooming your poodle to look polished and well-taken care of. The best way to do this is to do it yourself. If you take your dog to any place that gives them baths and a haircut, they’re likely to do the standard cut.

Now, all you have to do is to get a grooming kit and make sure that you just get rid of the excessive hair. It’s not that hard if you do it patiently. It’s not a marathon, so you should take your time and relax. It can be a time to bond with your friend.

So, get a grooming kit and get ready to work. Make sure you don’t cut too much and be extra careful when it comes to the face and the paws. The Bousnic Dog Grooming Kit is the best grooming kit. It’s easy for beginners to use and works fast. Check it out here.

Maintenance Is More Necessary For Poodles

Every dog needs to take baths regularly and also other grooming things like a haircut. You also need to make sure that their nails are good since they live indoors, they don’t get the opportunity to make them less sharp than necessary.

This is why it’s so important that you make sure that the maintenance is done. This means making sure that your poodle is not too hairy and that its nails are not as sharp. Those and making sure that they take baths.

Now, for you to do the maintenance, besides having a grooming kit, it’s to comb their hair. Make sure that they don’t get hair knots or dirt in their coat. For you to make sure that does not happen, you should comb their hair every day. Some dogs require even more but once a day is a good start for your poodle.

So, make sure that you use a high-quality comb, or you may hurt your friend and even pull out some hair. The FURminator for Dogs is the perfect comb for the job. Their curly hair won’t know what hit them. Take a look here.

Taking Baths Regularly Make Grooming Easier

The last step to perfectly groom your poodle in any way that you want is to make sure that your four-paw friend gets to take a bath regularly. This makes easier for you to cut the hair and clip their nails due to the way the water modifies the particles.

There’s no perfect bath frequency for a dog or a dog breed, but for poodles that live indoor, the best it’s usually every week. The rule of thumb is always the nose test. If it smells, it’s time to take a bath.

So, give your poodle a regular bath, and then, groom them. It’ll make the whole thing that much easier for you. Just remember to use a premium quality shampoo to make their hair stronger and cleaner. The Earthbath All Natural Pet Shampoo should be your option for poodles. Take a peek here.

You Can Try The Puppy Cut

In the last few years, the puppy cut has become a trend. This is when you groom your poodle evenly. From the head to their tail, they’re uniform. The good thing about this is that it’s quite easy to do. The bad thing is that it’s not stylistic or different.

The puppy cut doesn’t work too well for large-sized poodles by the way. Any other size, it works well. The only thing is that you have to specifically ask for this if you’re not doing it at home.

So, consider the puppy cut as an easy and fast option that you can do. It’s a perfect style, to begin with, if you’ve never cut your poodle’s hair before.

Final Thoughts

So, this is why poodles are groomed the way they are. It’s both due to hunting and competitions. It was useful for poodle during the winter and hunting, but it also made them posh. The elegance of this style helped popularize it and keep it a trend this long.


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