Why Do Cats Eat Spider Webs

Once I saw a cat’s friend eating spider webs. The cat ate like it was cat food. There was nothing that showed that the behavior was weird or the taste unpleasant to the cat. As I dived deeper into the subject, I found out that this happens more often than most people would think. Cat not only eat spider webs but also other bizarre things that are not cat food.

Why do cats eat spider webs? Cats eat spider webs due to a protein deficiency that they may have or feline pica. This is when felines crave to eat things that are not normal for them. Now whether your cat needs nutrients or is having an eating disorder, the best thing that you can do is to get your cat examined.

Feline pica is the same thing that happens to humans. If you’ve ever heard of pica is that eating disorder that causes people to eat cement, toilet paper, and many other weird things. If you suspect this, you should take your cat to the vet. It’s the fastest and best way to be sure of what is causing the behavior that your cat is presenting.

So, if you want to know what to do and when to worry if you see your cat eating spider webs, read this article to find out. For example, do you know how to stop the behavior? As much as it’s not harmful to your cat to eat spider webs at first, it can become a problem. So, you need to learn how to deal with it.

There May Be A Nutrient Deficiency

The main reason that cats may end up changing their eating habits is a nutrient deficiency in their body system. Spider webs have protein and nutrients that make sense for your cats to try and regain that.

Now, it’s important to say that eating spider webs in itself is not dangerous for your cat or harmful to their health. Still, you should pay attention to this due to the health problem that might be causing your cat to eat the spider web in the first place.

The best thing that you can do is to take your cat to a vet and either replace their current food or give them vitamins. Most people think that all you have to do is to give your cat any food, but the reality is that you should give them a premium quality food.

Read the ingredients and the nutrient that it provides to your cat. The ORIJEN Premium Quality Dry Cat Food does an excellent job of making your cat healthier and stronger. Take a look here.

Watch Out For Feline Pica

You have likely seen that cable show where people have this eating disorder that makes them eat the most bizarre things. Like cement, dirt, ashes, and even sponge. This is called pica, and cats can also develop this. It’s called simply feline pica.

What this means is that maybe your cat might not be doing this due to a deficiency in nutrients. Your cat may be doing this due to feline pica. In this case, you’ll need to treat for a whole different thing.

The first thing is to make the appealing unappealing. Then, distract your cat with chewing toys. This is the best way to treat feline pica on your own. Now, do consider seeing an animal behavior specialist.

So, get rid of spider webs and distract your cat with chewing toys. Play with them and show that the toy is way more interesting than the spider web. The WERTYCITY 31pcs Cat Toys is a toy pack that is designed to be attractive to cats. Click to view on Amazon here.

When You Should Worry

To be honest, if your cat is eating spider webs, you should worry even a little bit. If it’s cat pica or a nutrient deficiency, you should investigate it further. Now, you don’t need to get desperate and think that it’s something alarming. This behavior is not normal but it isn’t uncommon for cats.

If you see your cat eating spider webs, try to teach them to not do it. Distract them with toys to see if the behavior goes away. Only when the behavior persists and nothing that you do works that you should worry about. Not necessarily worry but seek an expert.

A good tip is to pay attention to whether or not your cat is eating other weird things. Sometimes feline pica also presents with the cat eating more than one uncommon thing. That’s why is so important that you pay attention to every behavior that your cat starts presenting.

Consider A Checkup With Your Cat’s Vet

Since eating spider webs may be a clear sign of a nutrient deficiency, you should consider giving your cat a checkup in the vet. Simple exams can detect and show you what are the nutrients that your cat needs. Then, you can give your cat supplements or change food.

The first thing that the vet will want to know is more about the behavior. The frequency, what happens before, during, and after it. These are all important things that help solve the problem. Still, in the end, a blood test helps solve the mystery.

So, if the behavior persists for more than a few days or weeks consider taking your cat to the vet. As you’ll learn as a cat owner, the best thing is to always pay attention to your cat and every change in its behavior that you notice. If you do this, the chances of avoiding problems are big.

Supplements May Solve It

When your cat is eating spider webs, you know now that it may be a nutrient deficiency. One of the best ways to prevent this is to give your cat supplements that will help improve the nutrition value that they get from the cat food. This is why it helps so much to add the supplements to your cat diets.

There are a lot of different vitamins and supplements for felines, so you can take your time to choose one. The best ones improve your cat’s immune system and make sure that they’re health is in its best shape. You just need to add to their food or give them a few drops, if you want.

So, you should consider giving a cat’s supplement to your cat. It will improve your cat’s immune system and help with nutrient deficiencies. The Pure Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil for Cats is the highest-rated cat supplement. It works efficiently and fast. Check it out here.

Give Your Cat More Treats

Teaching your cat to play with toys is a great idea to distract them and show them not to eat spider webs. Now, you can do the same with cat treats. This is a great way to distract your cat if the problem is feline pica. Even if it is a nutrient deficiency, your cat may benefit from getting treats.

What you’re going to do is to give your cat the treat every time they show interest int the spider webs. Now, it’s important to not give mixed signals that encourage your cat to eat the spider webs since that’s not what you want

So, make sure that pick the best cat treats. The premium ones will also help with important vitamins and nutrients to your cat’s diets. Just make sure not to overdo it. The TEMPTATIONS MixUps is one of the best cat treats. It’s tasty and nutritive. Take a peek here.

Consider Varying Between Dry And Wet Food

If the current cat food that you’re giving to your cat is not proving the necessary nutrients, it might be time to change. Now, since every cat’s body system is different, it might be a good idea to vary a little bit between wet food and dry food. This may help you get this one right and help your cat get rid of the necessity to eat odd things.

Now, you should not vary the food type all the time. This may cause diarrhea or upset your cat’s stomach. The best to do here is to vary the food type but not all the time in a short period. Consider testing wet food first as well. Due to a high percentage of fat, it may upset the stomach more than dry food.

So, take a look before shopping around. Consider varying the food with at least 2 weeks between them. See if it helps change your cat’s craving for spider webs. The Purina Fancy Feast is high-rated wet cat food. The nutritional value is great and cats usually love it. Get yours here.

Final Thoughts

This is why cats eat spider webs. It’s usually feline pica or a nutrient deficiency. The best that you can do is find out which one it is, and then, start treating it. Never discard taking your cat to the vet, since it might be not only helpful but the ideal solution to the problem. A cat behavior expert might also help. Finally, get rid of spider webs around the house to help cease the behavior completely.


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