Why Do Cats Not Like Their Tail Touched

We all have sensitive areas in our bodies. Every animal species does, although it varies from species to species. When it comes to a cat’s tail, there isn’t a human body part that can compare to it. The sensitivity, the strength, and the complexity of the structure is something very interesting anatomically speaking. If you’ve ever touched a cat’s tail, you might have found some trouble or got some form of complaint.

So, why do cats not like their tail touched? Cats do not like their tail touched because it’s a very sensitive part of their bodies. It has dozens of nerves, ligaments, and tendons. It also helps them with balance and mobility. If you ever step on a cat’s tail you’ll see how much they’ll scream. That’s because the whole tail is very sensitive and important to each body movement that they make.

Now, if you want to know more about this, you just have to read it below. For instance, it’s important to know how to groom your cat’s tail, if you’re even supposed to touch it at all. After all, this is a sensitive body part, and you should respect if your cat hats having his/her tail touched.

As you may have noticed – especially if you’ve ever touched more than one cat’s tails – some cats hate having their tails touched more than others. Some cats will do nothing about it. Some will complain. And others will straight up attack you.

So, be careful before you even considering petting a cat’s tail. If you don’t know the cat too well, or you do and you know that they’re a little stressed, do not touch their tail.

A Cat’s Tail Is Nature’s Engineer Masterpiece

A cat’s tail has more nerve connections and sensitivity than most parts of the human body. It isn’t just like other animals’ tails. It has sensitivity, strength, and important functions that make it one of the most crucial parts of the feline’s body. When you stop to think about it and study it, it can be said that tit’s nature’s masterpiece. It’s incredibly complex as an organic structure.

It’s so important that cats are very protective of it. They know the importance of it for every movement that their bodies can make. The best way to help people understand is to explain that a cat’s tail is an extension of their spine. That’s why it’s so important in movements such as jumping, running from predators, and chasing prey.

So, that’s why it’s such a sensitive body part for them. The complexity of nerves and muscles make this part of a cat’s body fragile from impact and physical shocks. That’s why even a simple touch from you can piss them off or make them hesitant from letting you do it.

Most Cats Don’t Mind If You Touch It Briefly

Now, we’ve gone in-depth about how much a cat’s tail is sensitive and what makes it so, but truth to be told, most cats don’t mind if you touch their tails. The reason is that a simple touch will not make a cat that uncomfortable, otherwise, it’d be hard to operate in a world where your tail can be touched at any time. Still, some cats are very protective and do mind if you touch it.

The reason is likely to be that as with humans, every cat is different. This means that some cats may feel more uncomfortable due to their tails being more sensitive than other cats. It’s hard to say if that’s the case or if the particular cat is more stressed than others.

So, the best that you can do is to avoid it, if that’s your cat’s case. You should not tolerate bad behavior or being attacked, but if your cat feels uncomfortable about it, maybe it’s the case of letting it go and not bother them.

The Tail Is Super Sensitive

Again, as mentioned above the cat’s tail is super sensitive. What you should do about it then it’s to notice if you think is abnormal. If your cat is being too protective of their tail, maybe they have a problem. This means that if cats are being a little too aggressive or trying to hide their tail from you, maybe they’re hurting. It’s important to verify that because it may be the case to take the cat to a vet.

Since the cat uses the tail for all the complex movements that it does, especially jumping and running, their tail must be in good health. If a cat’s tail is harmed, it may cause them to fall or even run in zig zags. A cat’s tail is important for the movements that the body can make.

So, if you notice your cat hiding the tail, consider taking the cat to the vet. A quick look from the vet will be enough to let you know if it’s something to worry about or if it’s just your cat acting normally like a cat.

It’s How They Find Balance

The main reason a cat’s tail is so important is that it’s how they find balance. Without their tails, or with it hurt, a cat has no balance and a lot of difficulties to jump and run, which are basic movements to any cat. That’s why they’re so protective of it and do like it touched by anybody.

The best that you can do is avoid it touching it too much. Although most cats do not mind if you touch it lightly when grooming them. It’s also important that you encourage your cat to keep improving its balancing skills and jumping. Have obstacles or things that challenge your cat around the house, so they can improve their balance.

So, make sure to avoid the tail and encourage them to challenge their balance. A cat tree is a perfect thing to do that for your cat. Have several, if you can, around the house to make them improve their balance. The Go Pet Club is a great option. It challenges your cat and keeps any cat in shape. Check it here.

When A Cat’s Tail Is In Danger They Get In Red Alert

Every time a cat feels threatened or in danger, they get in red alert. They may go crazy if you ever see them like that. They get extremely alert and stressed. Every muscle of their bodies is ready to take action. It can be running from something or toward it. Cats will not hesitate to attack if they’re threatened.

If you’ve ever seen a door slamming a cat’s tail, maybe not slamming but abruptly touching it, you know how desperate they get over it. They’ll scream loud enough to cause you to feel it. That’s why when their tails are touched in a way they don’t like, they get in red alert. So, be careful not to be attacked.

Just avoid squeezing it or trying to pull it. It may even hurt them if you do it, and you sure don’t want your cat to be in pain. So, make sure that you’re careful when grooming them or bathing them before touching their tails.

It’s A Surefire Way To Make A Cat Stressed

If you want to piss off a cat, start by messing up with their tails. As you’ve figured out by reading this article, cats are not into people touching their tails. This makes them extra stressed. This is terrible because cats do not thrive in stressful environments for them.

The best that a cat owner can do is always make sure that the house is a relaxing place for their feline friend. Make sure they have clean water, good food, and a clean place. Dirt also makes cats extremely stressed. You need to find ways to make them calmer.

That’s why a pet diffuser is a great solution. They release soothing substances and hormones that make cats relaxed and calm. It turns your house in the perfect place. The Relaxivet Cats Calming Diffuser is the one to get the job done for you. It’s made for cats. Get yours here.

Light-touch The Tail When Grooming Cats

Every cat has to be groomed at some point. After all, you want to have a clean cat that smells good and looks nice. As much as some cats hate that, you have to do it. Now, to do it successfully, you’ll have to touch every part of their bodies and that includes their tails.

The best solution here is to get a gloving grooming kit that makes it less unpleasant for them to have their tails touched. The secret is for you to light touch it. Since most cats don’t mind that, you’ll have an easier job. Unless your cat is like the ones that hate it.

So, make sure that you get a grooming glove that makes it easier for you to get the job done. It’s simple, fast, and nice to groom your cat with them. The H HANDSON – Pet Grooming Gloves is the one to get. Take a look here.

Final Thoughts

So, this is why cats do not like their tails touched. It’s an important body part that is also sensitive and structurally complex. Avoid touching it most of the time to not make your cat uncomfortable.


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