Why Does My Dog Pee On Other Dogs

Seeing your dog pee on another dog is troublesome.  You probably are not sure if it is a behavioral issue, hormonal imbalance, or some level of incontinence.  I will explain what I feel is happening so that you do not have to worry that there might be something wrong with your 4 legged friend.

Why does my dog pee on other dogs? Your dog is peeing on other dogs to show dominance.  Urine is used as a way of marking one’s territory.  It is as your dog is telling that other dog that they own the air that they breathe and that they also own that piece of earth that they are standing on.

Is showing dominance by peeing on other dogs dangerous to your dog’s wellbeing?

If your dog is peeing on other dogs quite often, the probability that another dog will retaliate is very high.  Your dog has just been lucky by picking dogs that were not aggressive in nature. Some dogs will try to prove that they are more dominant by attacking the dog that just dared to urinate on them.

If your dog is only peeing on other dogs periodically, you still should try to prevent your dog from exhibiting such behavior. It could develop into a habit that will be hard to break because it will become a way of socializing with other dogs.

For instance, if you were to go to a dog park, there is a  strong chance that there will be another dominant dog that will not appreciate being peed on by your dog and a fight will ensue. I recommend that you have control over your dog at all times by using the Black Rhino padded collar that is for all breeds.  Click here to view the current pricing on Amazon.

Also, in a dog park, if your dog is showing aggressive behavior by urinating on other dogs, someone will probably report you to the park authorities and you will be banned from entering the park with your dog.

Should you try to prevent your dog from peeing on other dogs?

First of all, before trying to stop your dog from peeing on other dogs, make sure that you have a complete and thorough checkup completed on your dog with your vet to rule out any urinary infections or other illnesses that may have caused this change in behavior.  Sometimes when dogs are ill, the illness alters the way that they normally act.

Once it has been determined that your dog has a clean bill of health, you can take some steps to try to steer your dog in the right direction. Here are my tips to stop your dog from urinating on other dogs or animals:

  1. You need to change your attitude with your dog.  I am not insinuating that it is 100 percent your fault that your dog is trying to dominate other dogs by peeing on them, but you need to remain calm and decisive while walking your dog.  They need to know who is the boss.  If they sense that you are losing control of them, they are going to act up and forget that they need to respect you and to act accordingly.
  2.  Some people tend to tense up when they are walking their dog and they encounter another dog.  Make sure that you do not do so, your dog needs to sense that you are not afraid.  If they sense fear, they may feel that they have to protect you by showing dominance over the other dog by urinating on them.
  3. When you are walking your dog, make sure that you teach your dog that you do not find the approach of another dog confrontational.  Ignore the other dog and its owner and continue to look straight ahead and ensure that you have a strong leash to maintain full control (I recommend the Baapet 5 foot strong dog leashclick to see pricing on Amazon).  Your dog will do the same and he will not try to show dominance over the other dog.
  4. If you notice that your dog is going to feel squeezed into between yourself and the approaching dog, make sure to move away beforehand along with your dog.  Ensure that you continue to walk and not stop to pull your dog to the side.  If you do so, it might make your dog nervous and worried that this dog is a threat and thus he may try to urinate on the dog to show dominance.
  5. Do not let your dog stare at the other dog, this another way that there are trying to show that they are aggressive to another dog. Just pull quickly on the leash to distract your dog and to let them know that you are not pleased with their behavior.
  6. Be consistent with the dog encounters while walking your dog.  Your dog needs to know that meeting another dog is a non-event and that they do not need to concerned about it.
  7. Also, if you notice that your dog is acting too energic and pulls on the leach more than usual, it is best to end the outing as soon as you can.  Their adrenaline level is too high which means that they will not be able to learn to avoid other dogs and their urges to urinate on them.

If an older dog starts to pee on other dogs, should you be worried?

You should be concerned if your older dog starts to urinate on other dogs. There are medical reasons that can affect your dog’s change in personality.  Here are some things to look out for in a senior dog that is suddenly showing intolerance and aggression towards other dogs through urination:

  1. They could be feeling pain or some sort of discomfort that is lowering their tolerance level causing them to lash out at other dogs in an attempt to dominant them by peeing on them.  Pain in older dogs could be caused by dental disease, hip dysplasia or even arthritis.  Make sure that you have your vet check out your misbehaving dog to ensure that there is no medical reason for their aggression.
  2. If your senior dog is dealing with anxiety, they may act up.  As they age, they will easily become anxious.  If you notice that your dog is becoming irritable, make sure that you take them for daily walks and that you limit the amount of time that they are left alone.
  3. If you do not brush your older dog’s teeth on a regular basis, there is a chance they are developing dental disease.  I recommend the H&H Pets Brush, click here to see pricing on Amazon. The pain that they are experiencing could be causing them to act aggressively towards other dogs. There are signs of dental disease such as excessive drooling, a lack of interest in eating food especially food that is solid, a decline in the excitement level when being fed treats. If you notice one of these signs, take your dog to the vet right away.  Once your vet has dealt with the dental situation, your dog will most likely show a reduction in its level of aggression towards other dogs.
  4. If you had just introduced a new dog into the family and your older dog is peeing on him, it could be that he does not appreciate this new family member.  He has been the center of your attention for years and now this new dog is there and it is taking away some of the attention.  Nevertheless, do not be upset with your older dog, they did not ask you to make this change in the family dynamics.

Will neutering your dog end their peeing on other dogs behavior?

If your dog has been peeing on other dogs for an extended period of time, it will be hard to train your dog to stop doing so.  The behavior is entrenched and will be hard to change.  Nevertheless, neutering your dog will make your dog’s attitude less aggressive which will require less training. Do not give up on your dog though even if they are misbehaving after the operation, just have lots of patience with them.

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