Will A Collie Protect You

If you want a doorbell or an alarm, you’ll love a collie. They sure can alert you about anything. Be it the mailman or an intruder. If someone is on your doorsteps, they’ll let you know that there’s a stranger there. Collies are incredible dogs. They’re usually docile and amiable. Collies are dogs made to herd sheep and other animals. Still, some people would like to train their collies to also be protective dogs.

So, will a collie protect you? Collies will not protect you by attacking an intruder because they’re not protection dogs. Even if you try to train them for this, it won’t happen. Your dog may attack an intruder if the person tries to hurt you, but it’s not likely. Collies are dogs that herd. This means that they bark and chase pretty much. So, they’ll alert you, but the rest is not their expertise.

Now, what many people fail to understand is that just because they saw a poodle fight a Pitbull on the news, it doesn’t mean that this is the norm. After all, if it was, it would be on the news. Collies are not guard dogs. It’s not their instinct to guard and protect territory or people. They won’t go out attacking burglars even if you train them.

So, it’s important to keep that in mind in case you want to get a collie for this task only. Now, as great dogs and quite smart as well, there are many things that you’ll find fascinating about them. Below you can see what you can train your collie to do, and how to select a protection/guard dog.

Collies Are Not Protection Dogs

A collie might protect you in a dangerous situation. For example, think of a stray dog trying to attack you. Your collie may protect you in a situation like that. Now, when it comes to a situation that requires a protection dog like a German shepherd, a collie is not likely to protect you.

Now, if you have a collie or are thinking about getting one, this shouldn’t be a reason for disappointment. Collies are lovely dogs that can serve you in many different ways. They can certainly be the agent of happiness in the house as they’re great for a family due to their amiability and affinity with kids. They’re just not protection dogs.

So, understand that every dog has its nature. Don’t try to make a wolf a sheep and vice versa. A collie is not a protection dog, and they’re not built for it. Their jaw is weaker and their nose is more narrow than other dogs. They can still be a great companionship and bark like no other dog can.

They Will Warn You

Collies can herd like no other. This means that they’re great at barking and chasing things. They will warn you if a stranger is in the house. They may not attack the intruder – they’re very much likely not to – but they will warn you that someone is in the house. That’s great since certain breeds don’t do anything in those situations.

It’s important to have a dog that warns you. Especially in big cities, intruders are usually with a gun, so you don’t want your dog to attack the burglar any way. Now, if you do want your dog to do something about it, maybe you should consider another breed. Since collies will warn you but not protect you.

So, they can be great doorbells but terrible guards. Collies are friendly dogs that don’t have problems with strangers. This is great when you’re having friends over but no so much when you have a burglar in the house.

Collies Herd Even In Big Cities

Your neighbors might hate you and your collie for this. Collies will herd even in big cities. This means that they’ll chase cars, people riding bikes, and anyone that runs near them. Like they do with sheep on farms, they’ll make sure to direct them to where they want them to go.

Now, this is why you must be careful to not let your collie running free around the streets. It’s also dangerous for them since they could be run over by a car. The best thing that you can is to try and train them to not chase everyone they see.

So, make sure that you are careful with letting your collie running around the neighborhood. Also, make sure that you teach them to not chase kids since it can be even more dangerous. They do take their job at herding others quite serious, so it’s important to make it clear what it’s okay and what it’s not.

Black And White Dogs Are Better Than Colored Ones

There isn’t a scientific study that was able to prove why this happens, but people are more afraid of black and white dogs than colored ones. Also, they’re more afraid of the black ones than the white ones as well. This applies when we’re talking about protection dogs.

So, if you’ve decided to get a protection dog to do the job you were thinking about giving to your collie, make sure that you get a black dog. Psychologically, people are more scared of them. This makes burglars hesitant and that makes the dog’s job easier.

Research the best breed for this task. The ones with a strong jaw usually excel at it. Also, you have to make sure that you train yours do to only attack intruders and on your command. You don’t want a protection dog you can’t control. That’s why you need to train them properly and not just get any breed for the job.

A Protection Dog Is The Right One For The Job

As mentioned above, a protection job is the right one for the job. Do not try to make a collie a protection dog because it isn’t one. Think more of rottweilers, German shepherds, and dogs that are more muscular and have stronger jaws. These breeds are usually the ideal protection dogs that you want to guard your house and protect you.

Now, collies can protect their owner is life and death situations, but it isn’t their nature to do it. This means that you can’t go against their instincts and even anatomy and try to make them guards that will protect the house.

So, get a protection dog. They’re the right ones for the job. Collies are too friendly to attack strangers and will only bark when they see a burglar but rarely attack. The best that you can do is get a black protection dog.  Just make sure to research and talk to experts to find out the best breed for your case.

You Can Train Your Collie To Warn You Better

You should consider training your collie. It will not make it a protection dog, but it’ll make it a better dog at warning. For example, certain dogs bark when there’s an intruder but at other times they don’t.

The best way to train your collie is to use dog treats. This is positive reinforcement. What you’re going to do is to give your collie a treat every time it does what you want.

So, when asking a friend to pretend to be an intruder and every time that your collie warns you, give it a treat. This way your collie will know that it’s the right thing to do. The Pet ‘n Shape Chik ‘n Skewers is the best dog treat for training. It tastes good but won’t make your dog fat. Check out here.

Developing A Bond With Your Collie Is Important

If you’re in a life or death situation, your collie might protect you. This would be like anyone that loves someone would protect that person from any harm. The best way to make this happen is to form a true bond with your collie.

You do this by taking care of them and playing with them. Dogs know who their owner is due to the bond they form with us. Play with your dog and give them as much affection as you can.

This is how you develop a bond with your collie. It’s important for them and you. Get started by playing with them 10 minutes every day. The Pacific Pups Toys is the best dog toy pack. Take a look here.

Keep Your Collie Strong

The last thins that you should make sure is that your collie is strong. A healthy dog can do things that you wouldn’t believe. You should make sure that your collie is strong to warn you and protect you depending on the situation.

The best way to make sure of this is to give your collie high-quality dog food. It’ll make them stronger, healthier, and as a consequence, make them live better and longer.

So, watch out for what your dog eats. Make sure to give the best possible high-quality food that you can. The Blue Buffalo Dog Food is premium-quality dog food. Grab yours here.

Final Thoughts

So, a collie will protect you but they’re not guards. This means that they won’t attack a burglar, but they can protect you out of love. Since they’re not protection dogs, they don’t have strong jaws.


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