Will Neutering A Dog Stop Him From Running Away

When you have a male dog, one of the worst things is preventing him from running away after female dogs. If one female dog in the streets is ready to procreate, all the other dogs can sense that. This makes them overly agitated and wanting to run away as fast as they can. This forces you to have extra care with the fences and every time you open up the gates of your house. The main problem is that if your dog runs away, many problems are waiting for him on the outside.

So, will neutering a dog stop him from running away? Neutering a dog will stop him from running away after romance. The problem is that your dog won’t run away after females, but he might still run away for other reasons like exploration. Now, if the only reason your dog runs away is to find female dogs, then neutering will fix the problem.

The best thing that you can do here is to opt for neutering and work on the other possible issues. The good news is that neutering your dog is likely to end his determination to run away. As you know, this is extremely dangerous because your dog may be run over by a car, harmed by another dog, or get lost and starve. So, preventing your dog from running away is always a great idea and a must for dog owners anywhere.

Below you can see not only how neutering will help cease this need, but also what other things you can do to stop your dog from running away. It can be done and it doesn’t have to be hard to do it.

Neutering Stops A Dog From Running Away For Romance

The main reason a male dog runs away from home is that he wants to chase a female. Dogs can sense from a considerable distance when a female is ovulating in the neighborhood. So, neutering your dog will help with that. Once you neuter him, it’s quite likely that he’s reasons for running away will be gone along his hormones.

Now, the only problem is that the reason your dog is running away might be another one. In this case, neutering won’t help at all. Still, neutering also makes males less aggressive and agitated, which can also contribute. The biggest advantage is that you’ll be eliminating the main reason why a dog runs away from home.

So, you should definitely consider neutering your dog, if he’s running away all the time. The chances that he’ll even consider running every time you leave the gates opened are slim. Ideally, you do this when your dog is still relatively young to increase the odds of it working.

Neutering Makes Your Dog Calmer

Another advantage of neutering your dog is that it’ll make him calmer. Calm dogs are less likely to run away because they don’t have the same need to explore and fight with other dogs. Sometimes dogs run away because they see another male on what he considers his surroundings. So, he runs away to pick up a fight. When your dog is neutered, the chances of this happening decreases.

Now, always remember that the earlier in your dog’s life that you do this, the more likely it is to succeed. The good thing is that the changes are noticeable right way, with some things changing in the following months of such procedure. Since you’re getting a calmer dog that hasn’t the same needs to go after females, neutering seems a good option.

So, all you have to do is to consult a vet to better analyze the pros and cons. Some people don’t like the possible side effects. It’s nothing major but without the same level of hormones, your dog may get fat faster or have less energy.

You Still Need Fences

It’s important to remember that your dog is still a dog. This means that as much as neutering will stop him from running away in most situations, you still need to be careful. That’s why you still need fences. It’s important to keep an eye on your dog to make sure he doesn’t run away. Remember that anything that your dog does it’s on you.

The best thing that you can do is to put fences on your yard or get a dog gate. They prevent your dog from running away even when the door and gates are opened. This is an effective way to keep your dog on your property. Fences also prevent your dog from running away and attacking the neighbor’s pet.

So, make sure to put a nice fence or pet gate whenever your dog is around. This will avoid a lot of headaches and problems with the neighbors. They’re also really easy to install. You don’t need more than 5 minutes. The Midwest Foldable Metal Exercise Pen is a great dog fence, if you were looking for an option this is the perfect one. Check it out here.

Always Go Out With A Leash

A lot of dog owners pride themselves on the fact that their dogs don’t need leashes. They believe that they’re always in control and that their dogs will always listen. The problem is that we’re still talking about animals as much as we love them.

This means that you may not always be in control. A sound, light, or smell may trigger your dog. This can be enough for you not to be in control anymore. You must always go out with a leash. The leash also makes people feel safer when passing by since they don’t know that your dog won’t attack. The leash is best for everyone.

So, make sure to always go out with a leash. In some places, you’re actually supposed to always use a leash on your dog. Make sure to choose a model that gives you control without hurting your dog. The TUG Retractable Dog Leash is highly-rated among experienced dog walkers. Check it out here.

Consider A Tracker Collar

So, yes neutering your dog will stop him from running away after romance. Still, in the eventual case that he does run away anyway, you can fix the problem with a dog tracker collar. They ensure that you’re able to find your dog anywhere he goes. These collars track them with a GPS system, pinpointing his exact location in the world.

Now, it’s important that you check what it’s the collar’s signal range. Ideally, you get one with a GPS that allows you to locate him anywhere. This is important because there are models that only track a few miles away from your location. The GPS ones will track your dog no matter where he goes. All you need is to check your phone.

So, you should neuter your dog, but make sure to give him a tracker collar anyway. This way, he’ll never get lost if he runs away. Just make sure that the collar works with a GPS. The PETFON Pet GPS Tracker is the best dog tracker collar that uses a GPS system. Take a look at this great item here.

Neutering May Stop A Runner Due To Energy Decrease

Now, even if your dog doesn’t feel the need to run away after romance, neutering him will help. The reason is that neutering decreases his energy. You don’t need to worry because this isn’t something negative. It won’t affect him in a bad way, but it will make him less inclined to explore or pick up fights.

Neutering reduces the number of hormones that the dog’s body will produce. This will affect him in some way. Usually with energy decreasing, and he may get fatter. That’s why it’s always a good idea to take your dog for a walk every day, especially when he’s been neutered.

So, if your dog is running away not because of romance but because he has too much energy accumulated, it’s still a great idea to consider neutering him. You may realize then that there are a lot of advantages to neutering. It’ll also lessen any aggressiveness that he might have.

Train Your Dog To Obey Your Commands

The final tip to avoid that your dog runs away is to train him to obey you. In may cases, dogs run away out of the excitement of seeing the gates open. They just want to run, and even more, they want you to run after them. They think it’s all a big game.

That’s why you must train your dog to obey your commands. To listen to you even when he’s too excited. The only way to do this is to train him. And the best way to train him is with treats.

So, make sure you take 5 minutes of your day to train your dog. Use treats as a reward for every time they obey. The Purina DentaLife Dog Treat is the best dog treat for training. Grab a pack here.

Final Thoughts

As you now know, neutering a dog will stop him from running away, especially when he’s running after romance. Still, make sure to avoid giving him opportunities to do so with fences and leashes whenever it’s appropriate.


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